Weave and slip

I wrote half of this poem about a week ago and finished it today after the events of yesterday’s tragedy. There have been several events in Maryland where people were hurt or killed near my house, including the student who brought a gun and shot someone with special needs in Perry Hall High School cafeteria […]

Teach Me- a poem

Copyright 2016 by Rachel Beth Ahrens, Lady in the Blue Box publishing. No one copies this or you’re gonna get it… No, I’ll really get it to you. Don’t make me call Deadpool or Harley Quinn. From my “tiny” poetry collection entitled Begin to Love: Mom taught me how to sing She taught me love and […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: …San Diego part two

But back to the seminars. The first seminar I went to was “The Best Times at the End of Times: Writing Dystopia”. This one went rather well, watching a book trailer about a newly published graphic novel about a world where people live off of landfills and trash men are respected men of military. It […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: On my way to San Diego

Baltimore Writer’s Conference Series, part one Playlist selection (See the rest here >>> ): An entry of the Baltimore Writers’ Conference, written November 19, 2015 It’s officially my last day of work readiness and I’m certain that nerves will fly at the interview. My instructor told me that I would do just fine and that […]

No Glamour, No Riches, Just Love- a poem

Can I explain my absence in poetry form? Here it is for you poetry lovers- Another British gospel pop star wins trophies So I don’t want to be taken to church Don’t tell me “Stay With Me” I’m not on my knees I’d rather hear the other British ginger sing And find love right where […]

To write or not to write… at Camp NaNo

It’s that time of year again. As I’m writing this, it is the day before the Camp April begins. It ironically starts on April Fool’s Day and ends on the 30th and I haven’t really made up my mind as to what I want to write, especially with the demands of my temp job. Hey, […]

A friendly goodbye

This is a response to this video on Upworthy, in light of events in the past year and a half due to bullying. Warning: strong language. You called me “Rachel Baytchel” in the first grade You never knew me at all You poured Elmer’s glue on my chair Your friend ordered me to say “Screw […]