The Cumberbabe strikes

I’m happy, but not so happy, about what Jimmy Fallon did on the Tonight Show last night. They didn’t get Benedict to speak with a squeaky voice. But that’s ok; they did something even funnier: Yeah, that was sick. I know that if my friend Robbie Greenberger was alive, he would have said his silly […]

Little obsessions and more distractions

I’ve noticed that on Twitter, I’ve been a very bad, bad girl. It started with watching the Tonight Show, and a few of its online videos. If you remember the last post I put on here with a video of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Fallon doing impersonations of the late Alan Rickman, I also found […]

The Doctor Is In: How to Be Your Own Hero

Lessons in Hope for Non-Believers “Robot of Sherwood” (2014, Mark Gatiss) As a critic, this has got to be one of the most fun episodes of Doctor Who ever made. Even my mom loves this one, because it’s about Robin Hood. My mom doesn’t usually like this show, because it’s all about evil aliens and […]

Musings on Deep Breath

Continued from The Doctor is In post- There are still some thoughts I had about the “Deep Breath” episode I re-watched recently for my last post. It’s not just about the dinosaur in the Thames. This is the best joke, as pictured here: “Project an image of perfect sleep into the center of my mind… […]

The Doctor is In: Don’t Hold Your Breath, Go to Bed!

Twelfth Doctor, the Insomniac (Part One) in “Deep Breath” (2014, Steven Moffat) Just this once, I’ve got to say this: Poor Clara. She saw the Doctor at his worst when he was on Trenzalore getting older and older while fighting off Cybermen and Daleks on his own. Then when she came back to see him, […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: …San Diego part two

But back to the seminars. The first seminar I went to was “The Best Times at the End of Times: Writing Dystopia”. This one went rather well, watching a book trailer about a newly published graphic novel about a world where people live off of landfills and trash men are respected men of military. It […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: On my way to San Diego

Baltimore Writer’s Conference Series, part one Playlist selection (See the rest here >>> ): An entry of the Baltimore Writers’ Conference, written November 19, 2015 It’s officially my last day of work readiness and I’m certain that nerves will fly at the interview. My instructor told me that I would do just fine and that […]