Dirty 30 diet rules for Thanksgiving

Today’s Thanksgiving, and in a few hours, it will be Black Friday for some people. (I hate Christmas shopping anytime before Thanksgiving- I also can’t stand those who have done their holiday shopping as far back as July or Easter. Pathetic) But right now, I know you’re probably worried about your waistline after you’ve had […]

Winter is near…

I’m not overly fond of the weather we’re going to have in the next few days. In nine days, it will be the end of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the year. This Thursday is Thanksgiving. The weather just got colder, and colder still, so that meant that I had to start getting rid […]

How my day was

Ok, since my last post was a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, it’s time that I get back to work and start writing again before the holidays take hold of me once again. I’ll try to keep this post as light as I can this time. Let me explain the craziness that happens pretty much […]

Courtesy Cards: school gobble D gook

Time for school and Thanksgiving courtesy cards! Gobble gobble… Dear Hostess, I’m really going to miss you. My children won’t even get to learn what a Twinkie is, let alone what the expressions “Couple of Twinkies” or “Going to a Twinkie convention” mean. Because you couldn’t sell your products enough and you refused to pay […]