Nerd Queen Journal: Tales from Mare in the Blue Box

All right, I’m going to say it: Brony Con is insanity. There were people dressed as candy colored ponies, some in beautiful dresses, and others in full body fur suits. Imagine the state of these people… Some costumes must be hard to go to the bathroom in, to be honest. But I did take some […]


This week for Tonight Show Hashtags, Jimmy Fallon tweeted the topic: “IOnceOverheard”. You have to tweet something based on a story that you overheard someone talk about. For example… @jimmyfallon: “My friend overheard two women on the subway arguing which brand of Rihanna’s perfume smelled the most like her.” Now that’s funny. But what am […]

Little obsessions and more distractions

I’ve noticed that on Twitter, I’ve been a very bad, bad girl. It started with watching the Tonight Show, and a few of its online videos. If you remember the last post I put on here with a video of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Fallon doing impersonations of the late Alan Rickman, I also found […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: Amy Amazed

Believe it or not, this is my 10th Nerd Queen Journal post! (WOOT!) I am so excited to introduce this week’s episode of the Nerd Queen, especially since I’ve met the gorgeous Karen Gillan at Shore Leave 38! You’ve waited long enough for this post, so here it is! Follow Karen Gillan on Twitter- @karengillan […]

Musings on Deep Breath

Continued from The Doctor is In post- There are still some thoughts I had about the “Deep Breath” episode I re-watched recently for my last post. It’s not just about the dinosaur in the Thames. This is the best joke, as pictured here: “Project an image of perfect sleep into the center of my mind… […]

When I’m on Jimmy Fallon’s show

  I’ve been trying to get on the Tonight Show “Hashtags” almost as long as Jimmy Fallon’s been on the show. Whenever I flip on WBAL channel 11, the local NBC channel in Maryland, at 11:35 every Thursday, I listen to Fallon ramble about the puppet theatre that is the elections and cool news jokes […]

The Doctor is In: Miss Pond, DON’T PANIC!

Amy’s Anxiety Disorder, Called Prisoner Zero “The Eleventh Hour” (2010, Steven Moffat) All images courtesy of BBC America. Every single companion that the Doctor had before his Eleventh regeneration was unique in their own way. Rose was the lover along for the ride. Martha wanted to travel and fall in love, but her love went […]