Rachel’s Infinite Playlist selections…

Music worthy of writing and inspiration. All rock and roll, jazz, and unhindered fine pieces of music with no interruptions, no over-produced radio crap, and of course, no whiny pop music brats from Disney or otherwise.

And heeeere they are…

Listed by post:

From “No, seriously… are we there yet?“- Feb. 8, 2015

From “No Glamour, No Riches, Just Love“- Feb. 28, 2015

From “Author’s ‘Delayed Devotion’“- April 27 (29), 2015

From “My Big Fat Geek Birthday- and a Baymax, too“- May 23, 2015

From “Waiting for a Victory“- June 22, 2015

From “July, July“- June 25, 2015

From “Almost through the net“- July 18, 2015

From “7 Deadly Reasons why Yanks will never write for BBC” – July 31, 2015

From “Lady One Hundred“- August 6, 2015


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