2/28/15 selection

See the post: “No Glamour, No Riches, Just Love

Our last cuddle. I miss my five year old puppy.

Our last cuddle. I miss my five year old puppy.

In D’Artagnon’s memory, my parents are thinking about starting a web page to raise awareness and pay tribute to the “fastest lick-er in the East Coast” sweetest pet we’ve ever had in our lives. With that in mind, learn more about preventative animal diseases, like kidney failure, and affordable veterinary medicine for low income families at the following web sites, so you can prevent the same fate that happened to my baby from happening to your pet.

The SPCA of Maryland and The American Society in Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) from Pets-WebMD

The American Humane Society

BARCs of Maryland

I wish I had more positive things to say for this might as well be the darkest time of my life. All I can think of is that my five year old chocolate sausage is now playing in the biggest ball-room in all the world, eating the most delicious puppy treats from the mighty Thor, and joining the ranks of Athos, Porthos, and Aremis in hunting the Cardinal and his conniving feline soldiers.

I miss his barking, for the house is all too quiet now, and last weekend I really needed him to lap up every last tear on my face. So here is some music for your listening pleasure, which is also something to help with the two ton pain I’m carrying at this moment.

Playlist selection-

Gavin DeGraw, “Chemical Party (acoustic)”

Green Day, “Minority”

Alicia Keys, “If I Ain’t Got You”

Billy Joel, who will probably sing one of my favorites, “Vienna”, when he comes to Baltimore on my birthday-


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