4/27/15 selection

See the post: “Author’s ‘Delayed Devotion’

Playlist selection- post-breakup therapy prescribed by Meghan Trainor

I won’t be dating for a very long time, and I’ve finally come to terms that I don’t want a boyfriend for the multiple personal reasons I can’t disclose, but this song really speaks for me and so many other women who have the same problem with, “We are in a relationship! I just don’t want to call you my girlfriend, not in public anyway.”

Meghan speaks the truth—stop the use of the word ‘friend’ when you are kissing her: “Title”

For every ex boyfriend, even the ones where I often wondered why I ever dated them: “Mr. Almost”

“She’ll never know I made him better for her…” and she’s “got him looking like Ryan Gosling” on top of all that: “Credit”

One last song for the heartbroken lovers, written in the style of Etta James and The Platters, but a hundred percent Meghan Trainor creation; this song makes me think of Tobey Maguire riding in a convertible to Lover’s Lane in this scene from Pleasantville: “What If I”

Goodbye, sweet Eddie. You were the best and I hope some sweet girl comes along and makes you happy. Glad to just be friends, keep in touch. Good thoughts to you.


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