5/23/15 selection

See the post: “My Big Fat Geek Birthday- and a Baymax, too

This is the best song that best describes every woman’s “turning 30” worries, including mine: Lily Allen- “22”

My favorite band’s perfect song for a Disney-Marvel Studios movie of college superheroes: “Immortals”

And a funny song that I thought was laughable, because of all the womanly things the singer/ actress* wants to do. But it is, in fact, pointed directly at the “Binders Full of Women” and feminism controversy, even before the phrase’s time: Nellie McKay- “I Wanna Get Married”

*see IMDB- She was in the movie P.S. I Love You, as Hilary Swank’s perky blond sister Ciara. I believe she also wrote and performed the title song in the movie, in the scene where widowed Holly reads the last letter from her departed husband Gerry (Gerard Butler).

And this one, just because…

I know how these women felt… when one of them held up the card, “I’m afraid of being unloved,” and the other one said, “I’m afraid of disappointing my mother.” The video for this gorgeous song brought tears to my eyes.

I would have written on the card: “I’m afraid of…”

“loving myself, and being a failure at 30 years old.”


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