Royally Flushed

My excerpt of Super Frost was getting lonely, so I decided to add another excerpt of the other Disney story I thought would be appropriate.

In case you didn’t see my snippet post of Ariel Triton and Eric Flynn on Facebook, here it is:

He followed me outside as I led him to the top of the hill that faced the social hall. It was a good thing that the campus was only a short walking distance from the apartment and the Five Below or I would have needed to solely rely on his car. When we finally got to the top, I checked for smokers, since I knew this was probably a place where people would come to smoke their cancer sticks. Since no one was there, we stopped and I said, “Ok, here’s good.”

What are we doing here?” he said.

This,” I said. I put the balloon to my lips and inhaled. And then I laughed. It was a little high pitched and squeaky because of the helium, and it was childish and stupid of me, but it made him laugh.

Oh god, that is so cute,” he said between his chuckles.

In my normal voice, which came back almost immediately, I nodded to him and said, “Now you.”


I’ve always wanted to hear a guy with a British accent say something in a squeaky voice.”

No, I think I’m going to let this one fly. I hear balloons make an awful lot of flatulence.”

Oh, come on! It’s your birthday! Live a little! Breathe it in and say something English.”

Say something English? Like what?”

I don’t know, knickers or rubbish… Maybe something Benedict Cumberbatch would say. Do it.”

No, no, I couldn’t.”

Come on, pleeeeeeease,” I whined. “Pretty please? Pretty please with chocolatey syrup?”

He smiled and rolled his eyes. “No!”

Please? For me?” I bat my eyes at him.

He blushed and put his head down. He held up the balloon at his face for a second and put it down to give me a smirk of humility, as if to say ‘I hate you’. Finally, he raised the balloon to his mouth, took a deep breath in and spoke. “Bloody hell, this is just not fair.”

I let out my laughs long and hard. That was indeed the cutest thing I’ve ever heard on helium, and it was hilarious. It sounded like a tiny English munchkin. I doubled over laughing as he put a hand to my back and said in his normal voice, “Blimey, are you ok?”

Yes!” I shouted in between laughs. I stood up straight to steady my breathing, for I was running out of air to keep laughing so hard. “I’m so sorry I made you do that.”

No, it’s ok,” he said. “I love trying new things. This is a fun game, really.”

I sighed. I finally got my breath back. I inhaled more helium and said, “For the rest of the night, we’re going to talk like this. Happy birthday!” Then I giggled until my squeakiness faded.

Eric put the balloon to his lips and drew in another breath. “Do you understand how embarrassing this is?” he said, his voice still squeaky.

I sucked more helium. “No, I think this is just a fun game between us munchkins. And there’s nobody else here but me.”

We both laughed.

In his normal voice, he said, “You’re adorable, you know that?”

Too kind,” I said in my regular voice. “I think the same way about you almost.”

He smiled at me again. This time, he didn’t look too embarrassed around me. He put his arm around me, took another breath from the balloon, and said, “Do you want to have dinner with me?”

I laughed and tried to breathe in more from my balloon, saying in my squeakiness, “Do you realize how funny…”

He cut me off and continued to speak in his squeaky voice. “No, answer me. Do you want to have dinner with me?”

What about your girlfriend?” I said, all squeaky.

What girlfriend?” he said in his normal voice. “I told you, I don’t have one.”

I looked him in the eyes, inhaled what was left of my balloon, and said, “Then yes, I’ll go out with you.”

Then he said, “Good answer.”