Nerd Queen Journal: The Weirdness Strikes Back

I really don’t have a whole lot of pictures from a couple weeks ago when I went to Farpoint, sadly. Mainly because my mother gets very lonely and misses us on every weekend where there’s a convention and I’m helping with it. But for the most part, it was a delight to see some of […]

Aether Christmas or New Years

I’ll admit, I was depressed since the week before Christmas. But I actually had a rather pleasant holiday this year. New Years is still in progress as I’m posting this from the library, under a time constraint because the library is going to close early for the holiday and my dad doesn’t like to spend […]

Sweet Charlotte Anne

I’m sorry I didn’t post this sooner- this post is dated. I wrote this on Monday the 4th, fully intending on posting this for Monday Blogs, but I was so sore the past few days that I couldn’t go to the library and post it on that day or Wednesday. I didn’t have enough time […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: Sam the Awesome

I came up with an awesome way to sum up this year’s Farpoint convention. A sci fi convention is like a family. My mom’s family is never this cool, neither is my dad’s family. My grandmother on my mother’s side, all she wants to talk about is the Bible, what she cleaned, and what terrible […]

Triple threat Christmas

On top of all things holiday season, I forgot to bring my flash drives for writing this morning. I should make it a habit to take my flash drives out of my computer and bring them with me. It’s obscene when I don’t have them on me. Then I start writing in my spiral notebook […]

Our first Christmas…

My parents and I finally put up the tree this past Saturday. I know it doesn’t look like much, because we couldn’t find the silver and white snowflake star, nor could we find the tree skirt. My parents think it might be shoved with a whole bunch of things we put downstairs to clean out […]

December is here

It’s the last day of November, which means December is tomorrow. I’m already scared of what’s to come in February, which I eventually brought up at support group last week. I also brought up the fact that I’m stuck on all three novels and my book of short stories with nowhere to go with them. […]