The Nerd Queen Journal: …San Diego part two

But back to the seminars. The first seminar I went to was “The Best Times at the End of Times: Writing Dystopia”. This one went rather well, watching a book trailer about a newly published graphic novel about a world where people live off of landfills and trash men are respected men of military. It […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: On my way to San Diego

Baltimore Writer’s Conference Series, part one Playlist selection (See the rest here >>> ): An entry of the Baltimore Writers’ Conference, written November 19, 2015 It’s officially my last day of work readiness and I’m certain that nerves will fly at the interview. My instructor told me that I would do just fine and that […]

November demons

Every time I hear this song, I think of how close I’m getting to recovery. My demons are hiding, but I’m confronting them right now. Just like the Imagine Dragons song, I’m hoping someone will show me how to escape from my fears and my little night terrors that scare me awake every now and […]